How to Scrape Product Data from Alibaba?

Scrape Product Data from Alibaba

Scraping data from e-commerce websites like Alibaba can provide huge opportunities for the competitors, price comparison firms, and market research websites. Being amongst the leading e-commerce portals available, Alibaba’s product catalog is enormous and accessible to anybody looking to scrape data. Though scraping product data from Alibaba might be challenging if you don’t have the right manpower and resources to execute Alibaba product data scraping. Outsourcing Alibaba data scraping requirement to the dedicated scraping service provider like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling will make you comfortable from the complexities of web crawling.

Key Advantages of Our Alibaba Web Crawling Solutions

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling provides fully customized Alibaba web data scraping solutions which are scalable enough to deal with the data requirements for big enterprises. Consistency and Quality are of the main importance as far as data crawling is concerned. Though there are many DIY tools as well as the options available of scraping through in-house resources, you can have many key differentiators, which makes us separate in the huge data space. Let’s go through the main advantages:


Not all websites are made alike as there’s no size fits all the tools for scraping websites. That’s why we have created an infrastructure, which is customizable and flexible as per our clients’ requirements. This customization level makes that possible to crawl websites, which use dynamic and complex coding practices.

Many Data Delivery Alternatives

We know that the data consumption is done inversely across the organizations and that is why we provide data in various popular formats including JSON, XML, and CSV. The data could also get delivered to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, or your FTP server. Having such delivery options to select from, using the data should become very easy.

Fully-Managed Solutions

The main problem with web scraping is the crawler setup maintenance. As websites are constantly getting updated, there should be a quick monitoring system to search for the website changes, which can affect the retrieval of data. We deal with this having an automatic monitoring system, which sends alerts upon finding of the website changes. A crawler set up is quickly modified to make sure constant functioning of the scraping task. As we take about end-to-end responsibilities of the data crawling procedure, you will get the required data without any disruptions.

Well-Structured and High-Quality Data

The quality of delivered data needs to be among the biggest priorities while it comes to data extraction. That is because data quality could ‘make or break’ any data project. At X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, we use the data through refining mechanisms including noise cleansing, deduplication, and structuring. Its output will be clean with top-quality structured data.

What Data You Can Scrape from Alibaba

Web data has the potential to help businesses fill the intelligence gap in the organization. Here are some things you can do with the data extracted from Alibaba.

Price Comparison Data

Different price comparison engines require data for comparison and show it to the users. Being amongst the most popular e-commerce destinations, you have to include Alibaba in the price comparison website

Cataloging Data

For any e-commerce website, it is very important to cataloging your business. A comprehensive and updated product catalog is very important for dominating any e-commerce market. You could easily use Alibaba web crawling for fetching data from catalogs of competitors that in reply, helps you in identifying new products and categories, which should be incorporated in the e-commerce portal.


For a market research company or a manufacturer, want to get insights from a consumer’s side, scraping ratings and reviews data from Alibaba could assist you. As the reviews are user-generated content, you will get a clear indication of how the consumers are observing a particular product or brand. This information could be used for improving the current products as well as coming with the new ones to deal with the increasing demand.

Wrapping Up

Scraping product data from isn’t easy but with professionals like X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, you can easily do that. For more information about Alibaba product data scraping, contact us!

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