Step-By-Step Guide of Scraping Data from Google Maps

In this tutorial blog, we will demonstrate you how to utilize X-Byte platform as well as our ready-made tool named Google Maps Scraper to scrape data from Google Maps. X-Byte Data Scraper or X-Byte Data crawler will help you to extract any data including photos, reviews, as well as popular times of Google Places.

Step 1: Sign in at the X-Byte website. If you are not having an account here, just sign up using and email or Google account.

Step 2: When you do log in, you’ll get yourself in the X-Byte Dashboard. You may also do many useful stuff however, let’s scrape Google Maps data.

Step 3: Then click on Store button. X-Byte Store has many free and ready-to-utilize web scraping as well as automation tools named actors. Then search for a Google Maps Scraper.

Step 4: After reaching the actor page, just click on Try for free.

Step 5: Bang — you are back to the X-Byte platform now with the access of your Dashboard, however, now the new Task is automatically created! You could specify the parameters here to scrape Google Maps.

Step 6: Now, let’s open the Google Maps in new tab as well as see what type of data you may scrape as well as download. You might be hungry and you need some takeout, therefore search for it. When Google Maps is back with the map filled using appetizing takeout places, merely copy a URL.

Step 7: Then return to an X-Byte tab as well as paste a URL in the initial line of an input schema within X-Byte platform (within the field subsequent to Start URLs).

Step 8: Then click on a green button Save & Run as well as wait for scraping run for finishing.

Step 9: Your job will change the status for showing that it is working. Now, just sit down and wait for data to begin rolling in. This might take some time in case, there are many takeout places nearby you!

Step 10: When you observe that status has been changed to ‘Succeeded’, just click on Dataset button to check the extracted search results.

Step 11: The tab Dataset contains data in many versatile formats incorporating HTML table, CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, as well as RSS feeds. You may open them through clicking on the Download or View. Then you can share data or upload that anywhere you want. Use that in the spreadsheets, other apps or programs as well as your individual projects.

Step 12: Extract extra Google Maps data! Find reviews, photos, popular times, as well as observe what new you can discover. Unlike an official Google Maps Scraping API, we haven’t limit total results, photos, or reviews you can extract.

Obviously, Google Maps don’t want that you extract their maps, therefore Google will block you from making that happen.

To follow the anti-scraping measures, it’s easy to utilize X-Byte Proxy, which is a tool for preventing Google from instructing where scraping’s traffic is coming from.

In case, you are serious about extracting Maps, this will eventually begin costing you minimum a bit of cash, however, in the time being, you will get X-Byte Proxy for free for one month when you sign up with X-Byte!

So speed up and start your free trial with Google Maps Scraper on X-Byte.

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